Sport: More racism, sexism claims at cricket inquiry

Divisions and mistrust at provincial level were placed under the spotlight at Cricket SA’s Social Justice and Nation Building hearings this week, with charges of racism and sexism made during testimony, says a report on the IoL site. Palesa Kadi, who served on the Eastern Province Cricket Board from 2005 to 2007, said she dealt with the racism when inquiring about the salary of that union’s then CEO, Dave Emslie. She also faced sexism that included one incident which necessitated her laying charges against an official. Kadi told the SJN hearings, that she was put on the Eastern Province Board as a representative of black clubs in the region but was made to feel that her role on the board was only ceremonial. When she made inquiries about Emslie’s salary, Kadi said she was shot down. ‘In my time on the board, it was painful to see that there was no time dedicated to the item called development, on the agenda. And no type of accountability that seeks provision for this development.’

Kadi told the SJN that when she inquired about development initiatives at one meeting it led to a confrontation with Emslie. ‘I asked ‘why are we looking at this issue in a cosmetic way?’ Funds are distributed, salaries are paid, players are playing, everyone was doing their bit. I said this is not sufficient. What is the CEO supposed to do? How much is the CEO paid? How do we as the board manage his performance? We had an altercation because the CEO refused to tell us what he earned, he refused to tell us what he was supposed to do in terms of his contract. We almost staged a walkout.’

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