Advocate Lerato Moela, who was still a law student when he decided to take Wits University to court last year to halt the evacuation of campus residences at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown, has since completed his studies thanks to funding from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) and has offered his support to students currently taking part in #asinamali (we do not have money) protests.

‘I am prepared to represent students because that is the form of activism I can offer. I can’t be on the picket line, so I use my privilege of being a legal practitioner to assist them, showing that I am in solidarity with them,’ he said, according to a Sunday Times Daily report. Although he lost the Wits case, Moela values the experience gained and is working on the bail applications of two students who were arrested during a protest in Braamfontein.

‘I am currently working on bail applications for students for the past two weeks and I am constantly in court. It is sort of overwhelming because students constantly need your services, they keep on calling and everyone wants to be assisted instantly,’ he said. He has managed to represent 11 students since the start of the fees protest this year and nine are already out, while two await their formal bail application.

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