Internet: 'Digital load shedding' on way, suggests MTN

MTN has warned of what is termed ‘digital load shedding’ due to the planned ending of a temporary broadband reprieve courtesy of national disaster regulations. A report in Die Burger notes that network operators have been using additional radio spectrum for 4G and 5G services in terms of the regulations, but Icasa has instructed them to cease those operations by 30 November. MTN’s Jacqui O’Sullivan said their clients’ data usage had more than doubled since the lockdown. ‘The removal of the temporary spectrum while the pandemic remains a reality for South Africans and before Icasa concludes its spectrum auction will have a significant influence on data services to South Africans.’ She said operators such as MTN have ‘become dependent’ on the emergency assignments to provide office-like Internet speeds for those working from home.

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